Pura Vida, Pure Life, La Vie Pure

Pura Vida, originally from Costa Rica, means enjoying life. A relaxed feeling you certainly will find in our Pura Vida Lodge.

Are you 21+ and ready for a break?  Looking for sun, sea, nature and beach? “Bienvenue à Mimizan” in the Landes, on the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of France.

We offer a All-In SurfweekSurf & Yoga and 30+ weeks.

Find for yourself the right balance between enjoying the good life and all the action that takes place in Mimizan Plage.
If you want to learn surfing, you’re at the right address. As officially approved surf school we give surfing lessons at different levels.
Can you already surf? Come to Mimizan and check out the sand banks that especially in the morning create the perfect waves.
Do you not surf? No problem. During your holiday, you do whatever you want.

Elles & Sven + Flo, Yuki

Les Landes, back in the time.

Not far from Pura Vida Lodge, the ecomuseum of Marquèze in Sabres proposes to the visitors to break their habits while changing of period. You can discover the complete history of the Landes of Gascogne, the heritage, the culture and theRead More

A poetic dive into the Surf World (Mimizan Plage, Fr.)

Denis, a friend of us, was filming a month ago at the beach in Mimizan. A short but awesome moment with pro rider Vincent Duvignac in Mimizan Plage (France). A poetic dive into the surf world. Sit back and enjoy!Read More