Terms & Conditions

1. Scope/Conclusion of the travel contract

These conditions apply to all legal relationships between customers, business partners and travel agents (participants) with the Pura Vida Lodge / Pura Vida sarl (organizer).

When reserving and registering for one of the products and activities described on our website, the customer automatically agrees to the following terms and conditions. The registration may be made in writing, verbally, by telephone or by screen system. Registration shall also be valid for all participants listed in the registration, for whose contractual obligations the applicant is liable just as for his own obligations, unless he explicitly and separately declares otherwise.

After booking a trip (accommodation + surfing lessons + equipment hire) or reserving a single activity (only material hire / surfing lessons) organized by the Pura Vida Lodge, Pura Vida Lodge / Pura is accepted Vida sarl and the participant (minimum age 23 years).

2. Registering/Downpayment

After registering for a vacation / other activity the participant will receive a confirmation. This confirmation may be sent via email.

With every reservation a downpayment of 30 % of the total amount has to be made. The remaining amount has to be paid 6 weeks before arrival. The reservation is official at the moment the downpayment or the whole amount has been paid

3. Prices/Payment/Services

All prices are being displayed in euros and need to be paid in euros. The prices as detailed on our website vary by season (high/low). The prices are based on a stay of 7 nights, starting Saturday at 17.00 o’ clock until Saturday the following week 10.00 o’clock.

Payment can be made in cash, online using PayPal or iDeal or by bank transfer.

The total amount includes all the services described and outlined in the offer.  Exceptions and other agreements need to be specifically confirmed in written form, by Pura Vida.  Pura Vida is allowed to imply small changes if they are necessary after having agreed to the contract and only if they are not specifically changing the average of the vacation.

4. Duration of Stay

Except when otherwise stipulated, duration of the stay is 1 week.

Check in: Saturday at 17.00 o’clock. Check out: Saturday 10.00 o’clock the latest.

If you wish to arrive earlier or if you would like to stay longer it is possible to store your luggage in one of the common areas.

Pura Vida Lodge has room for a maximum of 26 people.

Bedsheets are included in the price. Towels have to be brought by the renter. It is possible to borrow these, on location, against a small surcharge. Pillows and blankets however, are available for everyone. We have single blankets and mattresses.

Extra products (like the bikes, beach games, etc.) can be used for free, however, the renter respects and agrees to the terms of use, outlined by Pura Vida, before using them.

5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Rental of a room includes breakfast every morning. There is a big outdoor kitchen at the Pura Vida Lodge which can be used by renter for free during the other meals. The renter is responsible for his own shopping and cooking. it is expected from the renter, that he cleans the kitchen and dishes after use.

6. Responsibility/Liability accommodation hire

Pura Vida Lodge has an insurance called Responsabilité Civile Professionnelle auprés de n° de contrat (third party insurance). Pura Vida Lodge advises every renter to not take any valuable items on holiday. Pura Vida Lodge can not be made responsible for any loss, damage or theft of luggage of the renter.

7. Responsibility/Liability during the surf lessons

During the surf lessons the participant benefits from the guaranty as stated in the third party insurance of Pura Vida sarl. However, Pura Vida Lodge always advises the participant to book travel insurance for the stay. Surf guiding participation is at own risk. Pura Vida Lodge is never responsible for (deathly) accidents or injuries. The renter has to be aware of the weather and water conditions and the possible consequences those imply, before going into the water to surf. The participant only enters the water during surf guiding if he/she is convinced that it lies within his comfort level of his surf skills at that moment. Next to the surf lessons it is possible to use the surf and body boards. This is at the own risk and responsibility of the user. At the given moment the renter himself makes sure that he chooses material which suits his level of surfing that the time. He is aware of possible risks and dangers with regards to the surf spot, the current in the water, the tide and the weather conditions. By using the material outside the surf lessons the renter states that he is capable of responsibly using the material independently. In case of damage, loss or theft of the material, the renter is responsible replacement and/or repair of the material.

Pura Vida Lodge will not return any money with regards to the surf lessons if those have to be cancelled because of bad/dangerous weather conditions. This also includes really calm weather conditions which lead to no waves to surf or if the weather conditions lead to waves which are to dangerous to surf with regards to the level of surfing of the participants at the time.

8. Responsibility/Liability of the renter/participant/exclusion from the stay

The use of drugs (as stated in article 627 du code de la santé publique) at Pura Vida Lodge is forbidden. Ignorance of this prohibition shall lead to exclusion of further participation or hire.

Pura Vida Lodge can not be made responsible for any intentional damage or theft of objects caused by one of the renters/participants during his/her stay at the Pura Vida Lodge.

In case of an earlier end of the booking or non participation of one of the activities, because of whatever reason, Pura Vida Lodge will never pay back any money for the services not made use of. It is not possible to sign a complaint against the assigned and agreed price. It is the responsibility of the renter/participant to look into the price and agree to the price before reserving and to realize that the price includes a combination of activities.

Every renter/participant is attending at own risk. Pura Vida Loge can not be made responsible for problems which come up during the stay. Pura Vida Lodge is not responsible for accidents, damage or loss of items and people, death of participants in any imaginary way.

9. Complaints

According to Journal Officiel des Consommateurs Européens LI158 et des directions du Conseil, the renter/participant has to file a written complaint which informs Pura Vida Lodge about any complaints or remarks which have to do with his stay and while making use of our services/activities of Pura Vida Lodge. All complaints have to be send to the board of Pura Vida Lodge in written form within one month after departure.

Pura Vida Lodge can not be held responsible for any loss of luggage or other items belonging to the renter/participant during his/her stay. If the items will be found later on they can be send to the renter/participant, given that the renter covers the costs.

10. Travel insurance

We always advise the participant to book cancellation- and travel insurance after having registered with Pura Vida Lodge.

11. Modification / Cancellation

A modification of a booking after confirmed reservation costs € 30 per booking and modification.

Every cancellation made by the renter/participant costs:
More than 60 day before arrival: loss of the downpayment (30 % of the total amount)
Between 60 and 46 days before arrival: a payment of 50 % of the total amount
Between 45 and 21 days before arrival: a payment of 75 % of the total amount
20 days or less before arrival: a payment of 100% of the total amount

The official moment of cancelation will be the moment where we receive your cancelation. We have to be notified written or by electronic means. It is possible to suggest another person that will come in your place.

12. Cancellation of the contract due to exceptional circumstances

Pura Vida Lodge has the right to terminate the travel contract with immediate effect if it is not justifiable for the participant to carry out the journey through force majeure (eg epidemics, storms, disasters, war) or unacceptable danger to the participant. Reimbursement of the payments will be made, taking into account the costs of the organizer.

13. Offsetting/Right of Retention

Complaints against Pura Vida Lodge / Pura Vida sarl can only offset with undisputed or legally binding claims. Likewise, the right to withhold a right of retention does not apply, unless their claim comes from this contractual relationship and is undisputed and legally established. An assignment of the participant’s claims against the organizer from this contractual relationship is prohibited.

14. Severability Clause

Only these terms and conditions are applicable to the contract. Other terms and conditions will not be accepted and valid, even if the organizer does not explicitly object to them. Contrary terms and conditions of the participant are not recognized.

The invalidity of individual terms of this contract or of the general terms and conditions does not lead to the ineffectiveness of the entire travel contract. Rather, it must be replaced by one which comes closest to the agreed upon.

15. Jurisdiction

All disputes arising from this legal relationship are governed by French law. In addition, if a participant / tenant is a consumer, the mandatory consumer protection act, applicable in the country in which the participant / tenant is resident, are applicable.


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