Pura Vida Lodge

50, Avenue Maurice Martin
40200 Mimizan-Plage

Call or Mail


+33 6 109 56 909 (Sven) 

Pura Vida Lodge is a product of Pura Vida SARL, registered in France  with “Numéro d’immatriculation: 750 893 596 RCS Mont de Marsan”

Tax Number: FR397 508 935 96


We are Sven and Elles, nice to meet you! Being very passionate about and loving the surf sport and the environment, we started the Pura Vida Lodge several years ago. Together with our team and our children, daughter Flo and son Yuki, we are the heart of the Lodge. With all of us we are working hard but happy every day to make sure that our guests will have a pleasant and unforgettable holiday here in Mimizan.