Daily yoga

Every holiday package we have available at the Pura Vida Lodge includes complimentary daily yoga sessions. That’s right: free of charge! We strongly believe that yoga and surfing compliment one another and that’s why we offer daily yoga sessions to all our guests at no extra cost.

Yoga sessions are open to all levels. No need to sign up, just show up.

The yoga sessions are usually in the morning and take place right behind the Lodge on the river bank of the Le Courant river just before it breaks into the ocean. Disclaimer: the sunrise over the misty river can be especially breathtaking but don’t worry, our yoga teacher will remind you to breath… ?

Occasionally, in consultation with our guests, we may swap the daily morning session for an afternoon or evening session. And believe us: whether you are an experienced surfer or this is your first time on a board: your body will thank you afterwards…!

Yoga teacher 2022

Helena will be your yoga teacher this year.
She is a 24 year old Belgian with a heart for nature, yoga, and bodywork. What keeps her awake are issues related to climate change and sustainability. What drives her in life is the planting of seeds to raise global consciousness.
In the past years, she traveled quite a bit, mainly by bicycle, volunteering in many farms and retreat centers. When she is not practicing yoga, or working in the garden as a permaculture farmer, you can find her playing music, doing acrobatics or climbing some rocks, or simply laying in the sun absorbing its rays. She is excited to teach yoga and provide massages at Pura Vida Lodge this summer!

Yoga style

Helena has a dynamic yoga style with a great emphasis on pranayama (breathing technics).  She gets inspired by different schools (Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Yin) and blends these to an active, varied form of yoga.

The traditions are complementary, therefore we might do more energie work on one day with a lesson inspired by kundalini or a pawanmuktasana, originating from Hatha, and the next day we might deeply stretch our fascias with a Yin oriented lesson. During some lessons I round the lessons off by taking you on a nice relaxing journey with mantra and music. Beginner or more advanced, everyone will be experiencing something new during her lessons!

SUP Yoga workshop (optional)

If you like to try something new, maybe this workshop is the right addition to your holidays. It can be booked against surcharge on location.

A combination of stand up paddling and yoga – it is the perfect match between surfing and yoga. We first practice on land in an introduction lesson to get more comfortable before we hit the water with the SUP.

SUP Yoga teacher An

An is our local SUP Yoga teacher. An will not be present at all times, but will teach the SUP-yoga lessons.