Daily yoga

Every holiday package we have available at the Pura Vida Lodge includes complimentary daily yoga sessions. That’s right: free of charge! We strongly believe that yoga and surfing compliment one another and that’s why we offer daily yoga sessions to all our guests at no extra cost.

Yoga sessions are open to all levels. No need to sign up, just show up.

The yoga sessions are usually in the morning and take place right behind the Lodge on the river bank of the Le Courant river just before it breaks into the ocean. Disclaimer: the sunrise over the misty river can be especially breathtaking but don’t worry, our yoga teacher will remind you to breath… ?

Occasionally, in consultation with our guests, we may swap the daily morning session for an afternoon or evening session. And believe us: whether you are an experienced surfer or this is your first time on a board: your body will thank you afterwards…!

Yoga teacher 2023

Hi there ! My name is Sandra.

I am a 38 years old yoga teacher, masseuse, world traveler and life lover.
I was born in Belgium with Italian roots and home is everywhere where I can find nature, connect with beautiful souls and practice my art.

Years ago, driven by a quest for meaning, I started to travel to meet myself and the world.
My travels and inner journey took me to India where I studied yoga and meditation and to Asia where I discovered the art of massage.

I love cats, music, dancing, eating, cooking and trying new food, traveling around and singing along with all kinds of songs.
I find my peace when I’m driving my bicycle, climbing, taking long walks in nature and jumping in the ocean.

I am so looking forward to meeting you and to share my yoga practice and my massage skills with you!

Yoga style

Sandra has a funky and flowy style and teaches Vinyasa, hatha, hatha flow, Yin and meditation. She likes to adapt her style according to the mood, the energy and the needs of the day.

During a class, she might tell you a story from the Hindu mythology, take you into a relaxing journey with my Tibetan bowl, sing a mantra, give your body a nice stretch or awaken your inner fire and make you sweat!

She also like to give variations for the same posture, so you can choose to either go deeper in the practice or take it easier. Through the practice, we bring back the connection to the self to cultivate calm, balance and harmony and to let arise our inner joy and freedom.

Beginner or more advanced yogis, welcome !


SUP Yoga workshop (optional)

If you like to try something new, maybe this workshop is the right addition to your holidays. It can be booked against surcharge on location.

A combination of stand up paddling and yoga – it is the perfect match between surfing and yoga. We first practice on land in an introduction lesson to get more comfortable before we hit the water with the SUP.

SUP Yoga teacher An

An is our local SUP Yoga teacher. An will not be present at all times, but will teach the SUP-yoga lessons.