Do I need surf experience to stay at the Pura Vida Lodge?

Definitely not! Most of our guests have never surfed before, and that’s perfectly fine. All you need is the ability to swim.

Is it mandatory to participate in all activities?

Absolutely not. It’s entirely up to you whether you participate in any given activity we provide. If you’re the type of person who’d rather spend all day at the beach, you’re more than welcome to. But of course you’d be missing out on a ton of fun activities!

How old do I have to be to come to the Pura Vida Lodge?

We have 23+ weeks and 30+ weeks. Most weeks are 30+, which means you are welcome from 30 years or older. The Surfweek is 23+, so during those weeks we also welcome younger guests. However, the average age during those weeks is mostly between 27-32 years as well. Here at the Pura Vida Lodge, we appreciate maturity and a sense of responsibility from our guests, which is why we have an age limit.

How much luggage should I bring?

One travel bag should be more than enough. A warm sweater can be nice at night, but you can leave the rest of your winter collection at home.

I made a booking, but have not received confirmation yet. Should I be worried?

First of all: Nice you are coming to our Lodge! Check your spam filter. Sometimes, it can be a bit too eager and classify our mails as spam! If that doesn’t work, make sure to check you haven’t made any spelling errors while registering. If that’s the case, simply reapply.

Still having trouble registering? Give us a call at +33610956909 or send us an email (info@puravidalodge.com).

I have never surfed before, do I need lessons?

Yes! Although we can’t force anyone, lessons are really helpful, even for advanced surfers. We find it way to dangerous to borrow you guys our material if you have no surf experience at all. Therefore we advice everyone, for their own security, to at least take a lesson or two so that you know a bit about security measures and the material. This does actually not only apply for beginners, also for more experienced surfers it can be very handy to take some extra lessons. Surfing is much more than just a board and some water. Our experienced instructors at the lodge are ready to teach you all you need to know. You won’t regret your surf lessons!

When do you expect me to be in Mimizan, France?

Saturday is changing day. Check-in is from 17:00 onwards. Planning to arrive earlier? That is no problem, we do offer earlier pick-up and you can also park your car already and store your luggage in the lodge. We will take care of it while you are heading for the beach. Holiday mode: ON!

I really want to take a vacation but I’m all by myself. Good idea?

Absolutely. You might feel a little awkward at first, but it’ll only take you a few hours to get to know the rest of the group. A lot of our guests come by themselves, but there’s nothing more fun than getting to know new people on a holiday.

Is it possible to surf with contact lenses?

Yes. You might accidentally lose (one of) your contact lenses in the water so make sure to bring some spare ones.

Can I make unlimited use of the surf equipment?

Our surfboards, wetsuits and bodyboards are ready to be used all day. The more surf the better! If it goes well or if you are more experienced you have many boards to choose from, varying from shortboards to longboards. With the beach cruiser with board rag belonging to you the whole week, you get to the beach with your surfboard within five minutes.

May I bring my own surf board?

No problem! At night you can safely store your board in our storage.

I still have more questions!

Well, ask us! Send us an email at info@puravidalodge.com or give us a call and we’d love to help you out!