Learn how to surf

….in perfect waves

Want to learn how to surf? The Pura Vida Lodge is the place to be! If you take your perseverance and patience to Mimizan, we take care of the rest. Under the guidance of a certified surf instructor and in small groups of max. 4 students, you will quickly learn how to lie on the board and how to paddle. The ultimate goal of course is catching your first wave! We offer several surf holidays.

Surf course

The surf course counts six hours, of which one hour is a theory lesson. Every lesson is one hour. The schedule is based on the conditions of the waves. We check the forecast daily and depending on the conditions you get one or two lessons per day.

The beginner course starts with an explanation on the beach. The surf instructor will tell you all about the equipment, safety on the water and basic techniques in surfing. Next is the most exciting part: under guidance of your instructor you enter the water with a small group of people (max 4 students) to get your first surf experience in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You will soon find out that surfing is more than a sport when you ride your first wave. It’s a way of life!

Surf instructors

At the Pura Vida Lodge we only work with surf instructors certified through the International Surfing Association (ISA). They are both lifeguard and instructor and are present all week to teach beginners and advanced surfers during lessons.


During the lessons we will be using soft top surf boards and flexible fins (safety first). Before and after lessons you are free to use all kinds of boards available at the lodge at no extra cost. Our boards vary in length and shape. There are several longboards, malibu’s, shortboards and fish surfboards available.

Use of surf equipment

As a guest of our lodge you may use surfboards, wetsuits, bodyboards and skimboards all week for free. You get your own Beach cruiser with board rack to cycle to the beach whenever you want and go surfing on the spot you like before and after the lessons. However, remind yourself that surfing costs energy. So don’t forget to relax in between!

Surfing in Mimizan

Mimizan is a well-known surf spot in the southwest of France right on the Atlantic Ocean. Europe’s most beautiful waves roll in here all year round. Mimizan is the perfect spot for beginners because the waves break on sandbars just offshore. But also more advanced surfers will enjoy themselves in the green waves further outside. Even in the high-season we can surf beautiful waves without a busy crowd; with our bikes we can quickly cycle to a surfspot in beautiful nature, away from everyone else. One of those spots where you can easily have one of those “moments of total happiness”; does that sound familiar?

This is surfing at Pura Vida