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All-in surf

Are you 21+ and ready for a break? Looking for sun, sea, nature and beach? Learn how to surf, relax and enjoy, and catch those waves!

Don’t worry about bringing or renting a surfboard or a wetsuit. And don’t think about arranging breakfast and dinner. We got it all covered for you at the Pura Vida Lodge!

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30+ surf camp

Do you want to learn how to surf, but not interested in a party week with the youth?

The Pura Vida Lodge offers a 30+ surf week in every last week of the month.

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Surf & Yoga

Improving strength, flexibility and balance in both body and mind? Yoga helps to make you a better surfer.

The Pura Vida Lodge offers a special Surf & Yoga week monthly.

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SUP Yoga & Fitness

Looking for a total workout for body and mind outside in nature?

At the Pura Vida Lodge we combine SUP and yoga in a special week.

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Family week

Would you like to spend your family holiday actively and learn how to surf together?

From this year onwards we offer two special family weeks for parents and their kids (no matter how old).

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Advanced week

Are you already able to surf those green waves, but would like to become even better and improve your skills together with like-minded surfers?

In fall we at the Pura Vida Lodge will organize an advanced week especially for you!

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ISA surf coach course & lifesaver

Completing the ISA surf coach course certifies you to give surf lessons worldwide.

The Pura Vida Lodge organizes the course every year in Mimizan Plage.

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SLSA surf coach lifesaver (refreshing course)

As a certified ISA surf teacher it is mandatory to do a refreshing course every two years: The SLSA (Surf Coach Lifesaver Award).

The Pura Vida Lodge organizes the course every year in Mimizan Plage.

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Sky & Surf

Looking for the ultimate adrenalin kick? Then we have the right holiday for you!

Together with our partners from Airboss we offer a two-week holiday: First skydiving, then surfing. Do you dare?

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