Sky & Surf

Skydiving and Surfing in Mimizan

Sky & Surf stands for two weeks full of Adrenalin and relaxation in which you will learn how to skydive and surf. The combination of the two elements water and air will guaranty you a vacation you will never forget in Mimizan, France. Sky & Surf is a cooperation with our partner Airboss. Airboss is THE specialist with regards to organizing skydive holiday’s.


First week: Sky – skydiving with Airboss!

In your first week of holidays you will learn how to skydive with Airboss. Skydiving is fantastic! When jumping out of an airplane at 4200 meters hight and flying towards the earth at a speed of 200 km an hour you will feel the ultimate kick. When you are opening your parachute after 55 seconds you will be able to enjoy an overwhelming view and will feel adrenalin rush through your whole body. After landing you will realize that you have just experienced something unbelievable.

Airboss teaches you according to the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) method. This is a modern, save and super fun way of learning how to skydive which will be guided by the team of Airboss.

You will learn very quickly and fast. After one week you will be the proud owner of a worldwide recognized skydive license and you will feel as if you are the king of the sky.


How do I become a skydiver? Have a look yourself!

The skydive Camp

The skydive camp is located outside of Mimizan, however when you are skydiving you will be able to enjoy the fantastic view over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a great atmosphere at the camp, so that everyone will feel at home quickly.

You can either bring your own tent or book a bed in one of the 4person rooms of the bunkhouse. There is a restaurant which offers great meals. You can make it easy on yourself and be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner and book an all-in package. If you rather decide on location what you feel like eating every day you can also still decide when you are there. No problem.



Of course there will be enough time to relax next to the skydiving. You can explore the surroundings, grab a coffee on one of the local terrasse or make a day trip to San Sebastian, where you can enjoy some wonderful tapas. Or you can relax on the wonderful beach of Mimizan.

Attention: In order to participate you may not weigh more than 100 kg and need to be able show a valid medical certificate for parachuting.

If you have any more questions about the course just get in touch with us!


Second week: Surf – surfing with Pura Vida

After the first week someone from Airboss will bring you to our wonderful lodge, where you will start your second part of your unforgettable holiday: Surfing – element water!



…after a good night of sleep you wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. Now you have the choice; will you go for your first surf session, join the daily (free) yoga lesson or will you turn around one last time before you sit down for your lovely, healthy breakfast? The choice is yours! With the other guests you enjoy eating breakfast in the sun. In the meantime your surf instructor arrives and lets everyone know that the surf conditions are at its best.


After breakfast…

…you grab the wetsuit that belongs to you the whole week from the rack and attach your surfboard onto the Beach cruiser with board rack. After five minutes of cycling you reach the beach and see the waves of the Atlantic Ocean rolling in. Ready to surf!


After a warming-up with the whole group…

…you get into the water. Your surf teacher gives you instructions and you notice that the surfing gets better. After one hour the lesson is over and your body feels tired. You are sunbathing on the beach for a while before cycling back to the lodge, making a little stop at the supermarket. With a French baguette you settle yourself into a bean bag in the garden.


In the afternoon…

…you have enough energy again to go surfing on your own with the new friends you made at the lodge. Every minute you spend in the water make you learn more about all aspects of surfing and you feel happy and free. With a cold drink you toast on a good day in the garden of the lodge.


In the evening…

…you prepare a delicious dinner together with some other guests which tastes fantastic after being active all day. At the camp fire at night all guests share their stories. By the time you get to bed you feel satisfied. You can’t wait for another day like this tomorrow!



Fill in our bookings form! After we have received it you will get a non-binding offer from Airboss for the first week and we will send you an offer for the second all-in surf week! Requesting is non-binding at first!

Highlights of this package:

  • First week: Sky - skydiven accelerated freefall (AFF) / Airboss
  • Theory and practice lessons
  • 6 jumps AFF with instructeur
  • 7 days guidance
  • state of the art material
  • radio guidance stearing and landing + video analysis
  • license recognized worldwide
  • folding of your parachute
  • free jump and video on USB
  • Wifi
  • Excl: accommodation, meals, extra jumps (can all be added to your booking later)
  • Second week: 7 nights stay - Pura Vida Lodge (see Pura Vida surf week or ask for an offer)

Available dates for this package

      1st week skydiving (airboss)

      2nd week surfing (Pura Vida)

  • from 2nd of July until 17th of September, start possible every Saturday!
From: 1640 € Book now!

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