Your first solo surf trip – why it will let you grow and how to meet likeminded people

“Don’t you ever feel lonely while traveling solo …?”
If I’d do an FAQ about my traveling, this question would easily make it to the first
place. I see the slightly questioning face of my friends in front of me.
I travel alone a lot – mostly to surf – and as much as I enjoy being a solo surf traveler,
I know the feeling of loneliness as well. I get why this can be a scary thought and why
it can (worst case) keep someone away from going on a solo surf trip.
But the good news is: Being a solo surf traveler can be the most enriching thing and
feeling lonely is just a normal part of it. So, I would answer the above question with:
Yes I do, but it is part of the journey and it lets me grow (a lot).
In this article I’d like to encourage solo surf traveling. I will show you how it will let you
grow. We will figure out what you can do plan your first solo surf trip and how to meet
like-minded people who share your passion for surfing (for example, if you want to go
to a surf camp as a solo traveler, the Mimizan surf lodge “Pura Vida Lodge” in France could be your place ).
So, let’s pack our bags, boards and go!

5 Reasons why you should go on a solo surf trip
1. You’re independent from others
No time, no money, no interest in surfing, different ideas of traveling: Being a solo
traveler makes you independent from other people plans.
Thus, going wherever and whenever you want can give you a unique feeling of
freedom – and at the same time requires one little thing: To know what you want or
what you crave for. At least, a little bit.
As much as this sound like a little side-hint, as crucial is it to have at least a blurry
image of how you would your solo surf trip look like. I’m not saying you shouldn’t
leave doors open for spontaneous encounters and changing of plans – but to go with
the wind, change a plan spontaneously and feel the thrill of that, you need to have
one in the first place
How to get an idea of your first solo surf trip? Read further.

You create your own solo surf trip
Going to France to stay in a surf camp as a solo traveler? Maybe staying in the
Mimizan surf lodge “Pura Vida Lodge”? Or renting a little hut at the beach in
Nicaragua surrounded by palm trees all for yourself and enjoy solitude? Whatever
you feel you want to experience – go for it!

Creating your own trip can be a challenge, but one of those that will let you grow
automatically. You take responsibility for yourself and your own needs. You become
the creator of your own solo surf trip.
At the same time you will have the opportunity to keep you mind open for new routes
and changing of plans. The group of travelers you just met in the Mimizan surf lodge
has plans to go to a destination not on your map? Join them, if it feels right!
Or: Even though it sounds great to follow the group, your heart craves for another
place – so you stick to your plans and continue traveling by yourself.
To be able to do that and to decide what you need and what feels “right” in a certain
moment, you will have to build up a good connection to your body and soul. Spoiler:
A solo surf trip is the perfect way to do that!

To start creating your solo surf trip, you can ask yourself:
* What do I want?
* What culture or language am I interested in? What country would be
* How do I want to travel? What sorts of transportation do I want to use?
* Where can I find waves that will serve my level of surfing? What conditions do
I want/need?
* Do I want a beach break or a reef or …?
* What time of the year would be best (with regards to waves, your own timing
as well as for a specific region)?
* How do I want to be accommodated, how much comfort, how easy do I want
to get in touch with others?
* What do I need in terms of sports? Does the accommodation offer the surf-
equipment I need?

You don’t have to be super sure about all those questions, but it can give you a bit of
“security” in your mind. Some of these questions will be answered during your trip.
You will maybe find out that you actually don’t like the region you heard so much
about, whereas you might fall in love with a little village where you ended up just out
of a coincidence.
I am pretty addicted to the south of France and its culture, I love the region of “Les
Landes”, the smell of the pine forest, the dunes and the never-ending beaches at the
Atlantic Ocean, especially in Mimizan-Plage. That’s how I ended up in a surf camp as
a solo traveler and found “my place”, the Mimizan surf lodge “Pura Vida Lodge”.

You will embrace self-discovery
Who am I? What do I really want? Not all these big questions will be answered
immediately, but embarking on a solo surf trip allows you to start taking a closer look
at them. You will navigate yourself through unfamiliar destinations and face smaller
and bigger challenges, and thus you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your
capabilities and resilience. You will learn to trust your guts and go your own way.
Maybe end up in a Mimizan surf lodge
You will start to feel where you want to be. That’s what I call “intuition”.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf
You’re flying on your first green wave or get washed a bit harder than you thought:
Surfing pushes you out of your comfort zone, teaching you to rely on your own
instincts and decision-making skills. And that, in every single session. Because the
ocean is never the same. It’s like life: It steadily moves and makes waves –
sometimes small and calm, sometimes huge and choppy.
One wave has the ability to just wash away everything you were worried about earlier
and give you inner peace.
I experienced that just today: I felt somehow unsteady, restless, it was a “not-my-day”
day. I took my board (alone) and paddled for the sweetest (and maybe smallest)
waves and had the time of my life. I came back, and now this text is just flowing.

You will build up a unique connection to nature
Imagine sitting on a board. Your feet tangling smoothly into the water. You’re
enveloped by the mesmerizing beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. You’re breathing in and
out, calmly. Looking direction beach, you see the deep green crown of a huge pine
forest (or palm trees, depending on where you are). You listen to the rhythmic sound
of crashing waves, the salty breeze against your skin. A wave arrives, you paddle,
catch it, and you let yourself be carried by nature. You’re flying.
If you’re a solo surf traveler, would like to connect to nature, but still want to to surfing
with a group and share your experiences with like-minded people? Check out the
Mimizan Surf Lode “Pura Vida Lodge”.

How to connect with like-minded surfer souls while being a solo traveler
As a surf solo traveler, you won’t be alone for long, if you don’t want to. You will meet
people along the way anyway – but of course you can be you own lucky star and
push that a little bit ��
Staying in a surf camp or a lodge as a solo traveler? Good idea! You will easily meet
people with whom you’ll share one of the greatest feelings with: Flying on a wave
through the ocean.
I remember working in the Mimizan surf lodge, the “Pura Vida Surf Lodge” as a host.
One of the greatest moments of each week was seeing the guests sharing their
surfing experiences, sitting together at the campfire, talking about that one specific
incredible wave they had caught that day and enjoying the feeling of being “stoked”
together. Or – laughing about that super crazy washing-machine the ocean put them

5 ways to connect with others as a solo traveler
1) Accommodation: Surf lodge, surf house, surf hostel, surf camp
I personally think the easiest way to meet people is within your accommodation.
You will find surf lodges, houses, surf camps or hostels at every surf destination –
you just chose the one which best fits your needs. Surf lodges normally offer a bit
more comfort, while surf hostels will fit small budgets. If you’re traveling with your
van, you can go to a campsite to be around people. The Pura Vida Lodge for
example as well offers to put your camper in front of the house while you can take
advantage of the lodge facilities (and the delicious breakfast). If you want to go to
Mimizan and stay in a surf lodge – the Pura Vida Lodge family hosts up to 30 people
per week and creates a unique group atmosphere – so even being in a surf camp as
a solo traveler, you’ll be around surfers and it will be super easy to connect.
Tipp for female solo travelers: There are lots of surf camps and lodges that offer
weeks just for women!
Other ways to connect:
2)The water
3) (Online) surfing communities
4) Volunteering/working in a surf lodge/surf camp/surf hostel/organization
5) While traveling (carsharing, train, on the flight, in the bus)

What to do in case you feel lonely as a solo surf traveler
There it is: Loneliness.
It may come slowly, sneaking in at night, or just after a frustrating solo surf session,
when you sit on the beach, no one around you with whom to share your emotions. It
can appear when your alone, but as well when you’re staying in a surf camp as a
solo traveler.
You may start to question everything, wondering “what the …. am I doing here?”
Those situations are completely normal. They will come (by the way, again and
again, like waves, no matter for how long you already travel solo) – and they will go.
It’s important to accept them and not to fight against them.
Once you accepted the feeling, you can ask yourself what you need. Take a closer
look, take your time. Maybe do a meditation. Maybe go for a surf session!
If you have the urge to call your best friend or even your parents at home, do that. If
you feel like you’d like to have some company, go to your surf lodge, hostel, or to a
bar. Telling a complete stranger about your feelings can be one of the most liberating
things to do – and at the same time make you feel less lonely.
There is not the one rule to overcome loneliness. Every person experiences it in a
different way and for a different amount of time.

Pack your bag and go on your first solo surf trip!
As you see, being a solo traveler will make you grow in a unique way that no group
trip will ever be able to.
You’re ready to go?
If you’re a solo surf traveler but still want to surfing with a group and enjoy a little
surfers paradise, our Mimizan surf lodge “Pura Vida Lodge” in France will be your spot!

Sunny regards from your Pura Vida Lodge team <3

Written by the lovely Christina Restemeier for the Pura Vida Lodge