Happy camper spot

Do you have your own van?

If you have your own van, this is for you. From now on, you and your van can choose to stay at our exclusive Happy Camper spot instead of sleeping at the Lodge.

Get all the benefits of the signature style Pura Vida Lodge surf holiday including as a scrumptious home made breakfast in the morning, the atmosphere with the other guests, full use of our paradise garden with swimming pool, bar, fire pit and all facilities such as the outdoor showers plus you will be able to get electricity and water if needed.

Your van will be parked overnight on our Jeu de Boules field right by the Lodge and during the day you will have to back it up onto the Lodge’s parking behind the gate (see picture). That way we can still use the jeu de boules field and guests can freely move the beach bikes without any one worrying about scratching your van.

Interested? You can now book the Happy Camper spot through our booking system.

Choose “Happy Camper spot” in the room type drop down menu.

If this is your holiday of preference, do not wait as we only have 1 Happy Camper spot!