ISA Surf Coach Level 2



The award is aimed at coaches who are currently working with novice to intermediate surfers who wish to develop their skills in order to coach more advanced classes. It’s widely recognised as the most desirable qualification by the ISA regulated surf schools in the UK for appointing lead coaches. You’ll be able to work with junior squads, advanced and competitive surfers as well as being the minimum award required if you wish to start your own surf school in the UK. Although the exact schedule of this award may vary, the primary course content includes:


  • A current Level 1 Award (that has been held for a minimum of 6 months) A current Beach Life Saving qualification
  • The ISA Level 2 Coach has been surfing for at least 5 years and has good personal surfing ability.
  • The ISA Level 2 Coach is competent to coach surfers of all levels from Beginners through to Elite Level surfers.
  • The Level 2 Coach only needs to have a very basic knowledge of surfing competitions as these do not form part of the award.
  • The Award is to be the Industry Minimum Standard for all Senior Coaches working at Surfing GB Approved Surf Schools.
  • This Award is a prerequisite for those wishing to become Standard Trainer Assessors.

ISA Level 2 coaching course


Day 1.

9. am  Meet greet , intros etc. Course overview

9.15.  Performance analysis / video performance

Discuss the benefits etc of film recording .The ways in which we break down a manoeuvre into 3 phases. & isolate the mechanics and the interaction of each component.

Use the Floater manoeuvre in the course workbook as a run through and workshop with the group.

Then pick a 1-2 manoeuvres off the trainers DVD and verbally go through it with the group asking for feedback etc.


11.30  Video analysis test.

Written analysis by students templates supplied.

Choose 1 manoeuvre from the trainers DVD , usually Round house cutback by Taylor Knox.  . allow 45 mins Approx.

Allow 15 mins per phase .

Normally  45 mins-1 hour to cover the 1 chosen move.

1pm Lunch

2pm Principles of Fitness .

Presentation  by TA and discussion with group .

3pm Sports coach UK Film . Principles of training.

3.30. Skill drills for Surfers

TA to present / discuss various drills that can  be used with advanced surfers. Use examples from course book and some from  Ripstix  [ Martin Dunne ] or some personal ones .

4. pm     Group workshop.

Group are split into small Buddy groups and asked to design 2 different skill drills.

They should then present their ideas to the rest of the group .

10 mins to brainstorm 10 mins for delivery .

4.20pm Tea break

4. 40 pm. Diet & Nutrition for surfing.

TA to present info on diet etc for surfers .

Allowing discussion  time etc incorporate group

5.30 pm  approx –  6pm  Finish


Day 2

9am Surfer Joe programme planning test.

Group is split into smaller groups and given the case study / handout of Surfer Joe.

The group are given approx. 1 hour to design a training prog. Including fitness, diet, skill drills, lifestyle, equipment etc.

Groups are asked then to discuss and compare their progs and present their ideas.

Allow approx. 30 mins for this.

The students must then individually hand in these assignments for marking.

10.30 am. Tea break

10.50 am Practical coaching session Fault correction.

TA to run through the template in course book, highlighting some of the key points that the coach should be looking for from their surfers performance.

i.e. paddling, position in line-up, commitment, manoeuvres repertoire etc.

11.30 Practical  beach session,

Buddy pairs , 1 in surf 1 as coach . 30 mins in water.

Coach’s to make written evaluations /comments.

Then swap / reverse  roles for the  30 min session.

TA to film /video the sessions.

1pm lunch


Coach’s verbal feedback on their given surfer

Also any improvement / correction strategy to employ for the pm session.

& Video playback from am session

2.30 pm Practical surfing / coaching session as am.

4pm Tea break

4.20 pm Class session

Feed back and review from coach’s etc.

TA to playback film footage for comment etc.

Written feedback and comment sheets to be handed in for marking by TA.

Also if time allows TA to play Ripstix film ‘Secrets Of Power Surfing ‘ to reiterate points covered in the day. This film is not essential but is recommended if there is sufficient time at end of day.

Approx. 40 mins playtime.

5.30 pm finish


Day 3

9 am. Health & Safety for surf coaches/ schools

TA to discuss /present BSA surf school regs.   Basic Code of Conduct & Child protection  policies.  NOP’s & EAP’s  1hour 15  mins approx.

10.15 tea break

10 35. Risk Assessments

TA to present and discuss How to compile a Risk Assessment.

i.e. the 5 steps.

Then workshop  session by group members

TA to lead asking the  students to give us their ideas and items / issues and findings they have recorded  for the RA’s.

Use a white board for this.

The idea of the session is for everyone to learn from each other.

TA to then throw in some scenarios etc that may come up in the work place or that have not been mentioned by the group.

11.50 pm . Health & safety and Law

TA to present info on the law, and H& S at work act.

i.e Duty of Care. Negligence, loco parentis, liability, Reporting of accidents RIDDOR.

12.40 pm

TA to give some scenarios from NCF book ‘Creating a Safe Coaching Environment

Pages 6- 10.

Ask questions to the group and probe for ideas / answers.

Students then asked to Hand in their pre course task of compiling their Risk Assessment , NOP , EAP,  for marking by the TA

1 pm. Lunch


Students to give their presentations

Approx 15 mins. per candidate4.30 – 5.30 pm Finish /conclude.


We look forward to having you on our course

Highlights of this package:

  • ISA Level 2 Surf Coach Course
  • Official Examination by ISA Examiners
  • License (After successful completion)
  • 7 nights (shared room)
  • 7x Breakfast
  • Optional: Lifesaver Update (+€ 205)

Available dates for this package

  • 2 – 9 October 2021
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