Advanced week

Do you want to boost your surf progress?

During the Advanced week you will get the chance to get the most out of your surf sessions. You will learn breathing techniques to resist multiple hold downs after a wipe-out and how to deal with stress.

In the fear-managing workshop you will learn to bash your fear that might stand in your way to progress. You will also learn breathing techniques to be better prepared for your next wipe-out. Also, every day there will be a Surf Fit Workout (or Yoga) to stay Surf Fit the whole year around.

During the week you will not only have advanced surflessons with a video coaching session, but we will go on a surf safari together to check out some other surf spots in the area and to further practice what we have learned.

Last but not least a lecture about food will outline what food can do for you to become a better surfer and how to make sustainable choices in your diet.

A team of experts will show you the ropes to help you boost your performance in the water.


For whom?

This week is meant for those who already joined some surflessons before and would like to boost their surf progression.

It can be for someone who wants to develop his/her surf ambitions to surf bigger waves for instance, but it can also be for someone who calls him/herself a beginner for a little while already and who would like to move to the next level.

For those people who want to get the most out of their surf sessions with the help of supportive training, breath holding techniques, change of mindset and the role of food intake.


What will be discussed:


Train for an explosive pop-up, strengthen your paddle power, keep core stability during paddling, get more mobility in a surf-squat and rotation. Includes a Surf Fit workout program to take home.


Fear and breathing goes hand in hand. When you feel fear, you will get breathless pretty soon. Continuous dives or losing your leash can increase stress and fatigue during your surf. With breath holding techniques, used by freedivers, you can gain more confidence. You will learn about safety and the ability to manage compromised situations in a less distressing way, which is key to face your sessions. The goal of this course is to master freediving by applying relaxation and breathing techniques so you can practice your sport comfortably and safely.

We should not forget that surfing is like any other sport; you have to train in order to progress. Through apnea training we will improve our lung capacity and our ability to endure underwater longer without breathing. It will help us to control temper and emotions in extrem situations underwater. The course is based on the methodology of Apnea Academy International School.

From the breathing and relaxation classes to the pool sessions that will be filmed to improve your technique, you will have a multitude of resources to advance step by step. Through the slides, didactic videos and tests we will guarantee that you will gain the necessary skills to enjoy your surfing better.


Master your fear with mindset, neurolinguistic programming and mental toughness.

In this workshop you will learn how the brain works. Why do we experience fear? Why can we not get rid of it in some situations and how can we trick the mind so that we can overcome long lasting fears. We will teach you how you can train mental toughness to reach a higher goal and train the “fear muscle” in worse case scenarios. Exercises on focus, relaxation and self-hypnosis will round the workshop off. Includes a workbook to make your own script so you can reach your “surf fearless” goals. For people with a fear trauma it is possible to book a one-on-one session.


During the lecture we will outline different diets which fit the individual surfer, based on a surf week of surfing 2 hours two times a week.


What does a typical day look like:

08:00 Surf Fit Workout

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 – 17:00  Surflessons and workshops / Safari

20:00 Dinner (zelf prep or book our 3x dinner package)

21:30 Campfire

This is an example day, times and activities can vary.


Your coach:


Kim has a background as a Vitality Coach  and Sports Nutritionist.  At the moment she works as a Personal Trainer in Amsterdam where she helps her clients to reach their sport goals. Recently she started coaching clients who experience fear in the waves, which stops them to progress in the sport. Weekly Kim organizes Surf Fit Workouts for those who are not able to surf on a weekly bases but want to stay surf fit the whole year around.

About Kim:

About 10 years ago Kim almost drowned during a surf session when she lost her board in waves above her ability. Since then she has been fighting the battle against fear while surfing. After years of researching she got coached by the world record holder freediving, Dutch lady Nanja van den Broek. Kim was astonished by the result. Educated by her coach she now helps other surfers/athletes to get over their fears and to get closer to their surf goals by practicing mental exercises.


Sessions and lectures will be held in English, week requires a minimum of 4 participants and can be joined by a maximum of 8!

Highlights of this package:

  • *Accommodation incl. breakfast, material hire, bike with boardrack, use of garden / swimming pool, etc.
  • *5 hours advanced surf course (incl. video coaching), of which 1 hour theory lesson
  • *4 days Surf Fearless Workshop
  • *1 day Surfsafari
  • *Daily Surf Fit Training or Yoga
  • Minimum of 4 max 8 participants

Available dates for this package

Dates 2022:

  • 10 – 17 September
  • 17 – 24 September
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