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Surf tout inclus

Are you 23+ and ready for a break? Looking for sun, sea, nature and beach? Learn how to surf, relax and enjoy, and catch those waves! Don’t worry about bringing or renting a surfboard or a wetsuit. Enjoy some relaxing yoga and start the day with our lovely breakfast. We got it all covered for you at the Pura Vida Lodge! Lire la suite

30+ surf camp

Do you want to learn how to surf, but not interested in a party week with the youth? Then the 30+ surf week offered by Pura Vida Lodge is exactly what you are looking for!

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Surf Apnea & Fit week

Do you want to get the most out of your surf sessions? Learn breathing techniques with a certified free diver, bash your fear after joining the fear managing workshop and get surf fit during a specific workout. The week will be rounded off with a surf food lecture.


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Surf & Pole week

Are you looking for a unique holiday?

Add to the all-in surfweek two enthusiastic pole teachers, five mobile poles, pole dance lessons, flexibility training, and a photoshoot and you will get a unique and new concept: Surf & Pole week in collaboration with Studio noXcuse from Ghent (Belgium)!

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ISA surf coach course 1 & lifesaver

Completing the ISA surf coach course certifies you to give surf lessons worldwide. The Pura Vida Lodge organizes the course every year in Mimizan Plage. Lire la suite

ISA/ILS surf coach lifesaver (refreshing course)

As a certified ISA surf teacher it is mandatory to do a refreshing course every two years: The ISA/ILS (Surf Coach Lifesaver Award). The Pura Vida Lodge organizes the course every year in Mimizan Plage. Lire la suite

Sky & Surf

Looking for the ultimate adrenalin kick? Then we have the right holiday for you! Together with our partners from Airboss we offer a two-week holiday: First skydiving, then surfing. Do you dare? Lire la suite