“Dynamic balance” DMV slacklines and indoboards

We from the Pura Vida Lodge think you can improve your dynamic balance by practising some FUN-balance exercises. For that reason we have a “Slackline” and some “Indoboards” in our garden. Feel free to use.

Slacklining is the sport of walking a small, flat nylon rope between two points. We practice this between 2 trees in our backyard. Some view slackline as a sport, others see it as a meditation. No matter how you relate to slackline, it will develop your sense of balance and sharpen your awareness faster and more thoroughly than anything. Slacklining is quickly becoming a highly popular activity. It is also extremely fun!




The Indoboard (Balance Trainer) is originally designed for surf balance training.
It’s the ideal device to keep you tuned when you are not in the water. The bonus is that it will strengthen your legs and improve your surfing after just using it a few times.


Indoboards and the Slackline are available for guests of the Pura Vida Lodge.

Riding the Indo Board and finding you’re balance on a slackline is just great FUN!