Wolken golven of golven wolken?

Wolken kunnen van de hemel een grote kunstgalerie maken, compleet met wolken die lijken op brekende golven.

De uitleg hieronder:

Looking like enormous waves breaking on the shore, this type of cloud is rare and fleeting – lasting no more than a minute or two.

The distinctive breaking-wave shape is caused by wind shear.

When a patch of cloud forms at the boundary between a colder layer of air below and a warmer one above, and the upper layer is moving more rapidly than the lower one, the shearing between the two can make undulations appear in the cloud.

If the difference in wind speeds is just right, the tops of the undulations are pushed ahead of the bottoms to form dramatic vortices that “break” just like surf on the beach.

(Image: Giselle Goloy / The cloud collector’s handbook)