COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 prevention measures @ Pura Vida Lodge

It is our goal to make everyone’s stay with us as safe as possible. Therefore we have implemented and will be handling the following measures during your stay:

  • General 

In recent weeks, the rules in France haven been tightened, referring to the “pass sanitaire” implemented from the 9th of August. To be in order with the prevailing rules, but foremost to be able to give you a safe feeling during your stay, we will kindly ask you to show us proof of your “EU Digital COVID Certificate” upon arrival. This shows us that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.

  • Arrival & Departure times:

In order to minimize contact between groups and to be able to clean and air everything thoroughly, we are applying the following arrival and departure times. You are welcome to check-in from 17:00 o’clock onwards and will be kindly asked to leave the Lodge on Saturday before 11:00 o’clock. In case you stay for another week, we will kindly ask you to take one of our “quick tests” (in case of no vaccination), available at the Lodge.

  • Hygiene / cleaning:

We obtained the necessary information in order to do the  cleaning in and around the Lodge in a proper way. The cleaning will be done on a regular basis and very thoroughly.

Furthermore, we have created a new hand washing station in front of the main entrance. We kindly ask you to wash your hands before entering the garden and stick to general hygiene advices displayed around the Lodge as well as information communicated by the French / your own government.

  • Social distancing / Welcome & good-bye:

In France the distance between people who do not live together has been set to a minimum of 1m at all times.. We hope  you will treat each other with respect, communicate well with the rest of the group and give each other the needed space.

In the Lodge we greet guests the following way, always keeping 1m of distance:

–> we wave, do a namaste gesture or give each other an elbow tick

–> no handshakes and no hugs / cuddles

  • Welcome night / Information round:

The information and welcome moment will be held around the pool area. In this way distance is guaranteed.

  • Breakfast:

We expanded the time during which you can have breakfast to avoid hustle and bustle

We also have created extra sitting spots in the garden so that you can enjoy your breakfast in peace. The option exists to have your own table per room.

  • (Surf) material:

 You will receive  a wetsuit at the beginning of the week (stays yours until the end). Besides the usual water bucket to clean your wetsuit, we will also provide a bucket with disinfectant. Of course, we will disinfect them between groups each week.

Furthermore, every guest will receive his/her own yoga mat as well as his/her own bike for the entire week. We disinfect them between groups.

  • Use of the kitchen to make lunch/dinner:

During the week we offer 3 organized dinners. If you have not signed up yet you can still do upon arrival (except for the WOK party on Saturday, make sure you already selected your food choice in advance). We also offer the option to prepare a lunch pack during breakfast.

  • Bunkbeds:

If you are staying in a room with bunkbeds we advise you to lie head – feet. Meaning, one person with his/her head to one side, the other person with his/her head to the other (we hope this makes sense ;-)). Distance between the two of you will then be maximized. 

We also advise you to keep a window open at all times. Opening a second window or the door would even be better as ventilation is guaranteed this way.

  • Swimming pool:

Swimming has been proven to be no problem. There are no restrictions here, other than giving each other enough space.

  • Showers & toilets:

The showers and toilets will be divided among the different rooms (except for the rooms that have their own showers). It might be a little less convenient, but we are of the opinion that this way we create an environment in which everyone feels safe.

There will be cleaning liquid present in all toilets and showers if you feel like you would like to give it an extra clean before using it.

  • Symptoms during your stay:

In case you are not feeling well, meaning you develop symptoms like a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or cold/flu-like symptoms during your stay, you need to inform one of our crew members. We will separate you from the group and make sure that you can get tested as soon as possible. In case of a positive result, we will take the necessary measures for you and the rest of the group, until the end of your stay at the Lodge. After this period of time, we can no longer provide solutions regarding accommodation. Of course, we will help you finding the best option afterwards. 

  • French regulations:

It goes without saying that you will need to follow the French regulation concerning COVID -19. Two important rules to remember are:

  1. You are obliged to wear a face mask in public spaces such as public transport, supermarkets and in busy shopping streets for instance.
  2. You are obliged to show the “pass sanitaire” when entering a bar, restaurant, etc.

You can find more details on the following link. Please be aware that these rules frequently change so do make sure to check them out near your date of arrival.

We are in this together and do believe that if we all give each other some space, respect each other and communicate well, then everyone can have a wonderful time with us (again). Hopefully you will all feel at home in our wonderful Pura Vida Lodge and enjoy a wonderful time.