Dear friend & fellow surfer,

We hope you are doing well and are taking care of yourselves and others during these uncertain times!


We can imagine that you have some questions with regards to your booking and/or traveling with us in the future.


We would like to ensure you that we care and that we are doing our very best to inform you as well as possible at all times. We are not only trying to make decisions in favor of everyones health and safety, but will also try to make sure that, where possible and within reason, trips can go on this summer as much as possible. Of course we will keep a close eye on all developments and will inform you all of any changes as they arrive.


On this site you can follow and find everything you need to know about our rules and regulations during these times as well as any other changes and information we find important for you to know. We will update the site if necessary, so keep a close eye on it if you are worried about your holidays or would like to know if you can and should still book with us.


Since this is a very new situation for all of us, it is possible that we overlook something or have not addressed your specific questions yet. If that happens, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try to help everyone as well as we can!


Stay safe and healthy and, where possible, try to relax, smile and enjoy as much as you can!


With all the best wishes,

Your Pura Vida Lodge Team – Sven, Elles & Anna

Corona (Covid-19) booking policy:

As of today, we are introducing a flexible booking policy. This way, you can still plan and book your trip without worrying about losing your trip because of restrictions due to the corona/Covid-19 crisis.

1. If you book with us and your stay gets affected because of quarantine/travel restrictions in your region for the period you have booked, you will be able to reschedule your stay to another period. This also applies to existing bookings already made for this season.

2. The same will apply if our region ‘Les Landes’ in France would be quarantined or when travel restrictions are still in place for the period you have booked.

If you know your stay is going to be affected, we urge you to reschedule as soon as this information is know and shared via official channels so we can work out a new period for you. Cancellation due to quarantine/travel restrictions is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the retreat and only when it is clear that restrictions will still be in place during the booked week and/or while you are traveling to Pura Vida.

3. If rescheduling your holiday to a later week this year is not possible for you, we will keep your payment as a voucher for a holiday during the season 2021 (same period / price tier as booked/paid in 2020).

4. If the rescheduled booking falls into a higher price tier (or category), we will deduct your payment form the new total price and you will be required to pay the price difference. If the rescheduled booking falls into a lower price category, we will refund you the difference.

5. In case you need to cancel due to other circumstances, the normal cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply (Regular Terms & Conditions Pura Vida Lodge).

6. From 19th of March 2020 onwards we will lower our deposit to 15% (instead of 30%) to confirm your booking. This will be for new bookings made as of 19th of March 2020 until 15th of May 2020 or until further notice.

If you want to join the Pura Vida Lodge experience this year, we recommend you not to wait too long with making your booking in order to secure your spot. We will do everything to make your trip happen! As many of you know, Pura Vida is always fully booked in summer, so we can only advice you to secure your holiday soon, as to avoid disappointment.

Let’s hope together that our holidays can commence and happen as normal. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we are sure we can find a suitable solution together.


If there are still restrictions/quarantine measurements applicable in your country or in our region then you can reschedule your holidays. See conditions on the left hand side.


Since governments around the world are announcing new restrictions on a daily basis and mostly for a period of a few weeks in advance we are sure that it will become clear for you reasonably in advance if your travels will be possible or have to be cancelled because of COVID-19.


As explained in the special terms & conditions on the left we will not pay you the money back. However, we will do everything to make sure that you will be able to spend a lovely week with us at a later time. You will keep the money paid as a deposit/voucher with us and we will settle the amount according to the new total.


Usually our season runs from some time in May until end of October. If it is not possible to reschedule your trip within this years season your voucher/deposit will also still be valid during the season of 2021.


Most of the restrictions are in place until 11th of May for now (in France) and usually the Pura Vida season starts beginning of July.

Everyone who had booked a week with us in May or June has been contacted personally. If you have booked a week anytime later than starting the 27th of June you cannot yet reschedule your booking at this stage. We do understand you are worried, but we are in this together so let’s wait until we all know more. For now let’s hope together that our holidays can commence as normal. If you want to cancel your holiday regardless, normal cancellation policy applies as usual.